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PI Green Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a technology company committed to creating sustainable solutions for a greener future. Innnovations in technology and design are used to indigenously develop products that hold the promise of a cleaner environment.

With its mission to make clean air accessible to everyone, PI Green Innovations is empowering government bodies and organisations to address the issue of severe public health scare in the form of air pollution.

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PI Green Innovations brings to you ‘Filterless Technology’, a revolutionary innovation which is rated as one of the best technologies globally to reduce air pollution, at Smogathon 2018 Poland, with patents applied for in India, USA, Europe, Japan, China and Singapore.

A filterless, retrofit, fully automatic and compact device that integrates seamlessly with any kind of vehicle, and captures over 90% of the particulate matter emitted from vehicles in real-time,
ranging from PM2.5 to PM10.

Filterless Technology
for Automobiles

Filterless Technology
for Gensets

Based on filterless technology, the RepAir ambient air-purifier assimilates the scientific theories to effectively clean the atmosphere by sucking in surrounding air, separating all particulate matter, dust particles, smog & smoke, and releasing clean air through its outlet.

Filterless Ambient Air-Purifier

For Jaggery Units

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