A filterless, retrofit, fully automatic and compact device that integrates seamlessly with any kind of vehicle, and captures over 90% of the particulate matter emitted from vehicles in real-time, ranging from PM2.5 to PM10.

Attachment tothe vehicle Container to collectparticulate matter Processingcylinder Clean airexhaust

Seamless integration: With a plug-in installation, fits easily with any type of vehicle

Design to deliver: Indigenously developed, design marvel created to cater to specific needs

90% cleaner air: Cuts down over 90% of particulate matter at the source, captures even the smallest particulate matter (PM2.5 - PM10) & stores it in a separate container in powder form, reducing pollution from entering the environment

Recyclable pollution: Collected powder can be used as raw material for manufacturing paint or ink

Convenience: Smart Sensor Technology alerts driver to empty residue tray

Durable: Works efficiently for longer duration due to its robust structure and waterproof external surface

PM Pollution Level Reduced by More Than 90%

No Manual Cleaning

No Choking

No Replacement

Low Maintenance

No Filter

No Water

No Chemical

No Solvent