A filterless, retrofit, fully automatic and compact device that integrates seamlessly with any kind of diesel generator, and captures over 90% of the particulate matter emitted from the genset in real-time,
ranging from PM2.5 to PM10.

Attachment to the Genset Container to collectparticulate matter Processing cylinder Clean air exhaust

CarbonCutter Demo

Functional design: Fully automatic and user-friendly design with self-cleaning mechanism that addresses the problem effectively

Up to 90% carbon emission control: Eliminates hazardous pollutants from the intake, converts to fine powder form, and releases cleaner air

Saves time & effort: Integration of ‘filterless technology’ means no time spent in cleaning, changing or maintaining filters

Recyclable pollution: Particulate matter converted into powder form can be used to make paint or ink, with no waste matter at the end, resulting in pollution-free environment

Convenience: Integration of Smart Sensor Technology alerts the authorised person when residue tray fills up

Retrofit for Gensets ranging from 15 kVA to 2000 kVA

PM Pollution Level Reduced by More Than 90%

No Manual Cleaning

No Choking

No Replacement

Low Maintenance

No Filter

No Water

No Chemical

No Solvent