Based on filterless technology, the RepAir ambient air-purifier assimilates the scientific theories to effectively clean the atmosphere by sucking in surrounding air, separating all particulate matter, dust particles, smog & smoke, and releasing clean air through its outlet.

RepAir is a highly viable product. The technology inside sucks in surrounding polluted air, captures and conglomerates ultra-fine particulate matter (PM2.5 onwards), stores it into powder form and releases up to 80% cleaner air. It can be installed at locations with a high density of population and vehicular movement, as well as at the places with maximum footfall.

Filterless technology: Revolutionary and effective product operates on a fully automatic system. No manual cleaning or detachment required. Patented self-cleaning mechanism without any filter, water, chemicals or solvents

Recyclable pollution: Residue can be utilised in making paving blocks or bricks

Convenience: Smart Sensor Technology sends SMS to the authorised person when residue tray is full, which can be detached & cleaned easily

Durable: Lasts long due to its robust and weather-proof external surface

Installations: Can be installed at metro railway stations, bus-stops, parks, tourist places, high streets with heavy footfall

Smart branding: Self-sustainable investment with potential to generate revenue through enough space for branding

Customisation: Size & height (from 9 ft to 45 ft) customisable as per requirement

Add-on features: RepAir is a wonder product that can easily accommodate add-on features like plastic bottle reverse vending machines, CCTV cameras and smart bus-stops, assisting government bodies in their goals of better public health & services

Public welfare: Perfect fit for government & corporates in CSR initiatives with far-reaching social and environmental impact

Low Maintenance


Robust External Surface

High Ingress Protection

No Filter

No Water

No Chemical

No Solvent