Based on filterless technology, the RepAir for Jaggery Units can be fitted on the exhaust chimneys of the unit. It takes in all the polluted air at the source, separates the carbon & particulate matter from it and releases clean air through the outlet.

Patented Technology-based air cleaning cylinder (inside) Detachable container to collect particulate matter Waterproof robust surface

RepAir is a highly viable product. The technology inside sucks in the polluted air exhausted from the Chimney, captures and conglomerates ultra-fine particulate matter (PM2.5 onwards), stores it into powder form and releases up to 80% cleaner air. It can be installed at Jaggeries with any amount of PM pollution emission.

Filterless technology: Revolutionary and effective product operates on a fully automatic system. No manual cleaning or detachment required. Patented self-cleaning mechanism without any filter, water, chemicals or solvents

Recyclable pollution: Residue can be utilised in making paints, ink or shoe polish

Convenience: Smart Sensor Technology sends SMS to the authorised person when residue tray is full, which can be detached & cleaned easily

Durable: Lasts long due to its robust and weather-proof external surface

Customisation: Size & height can be customised as per requirement

Public welfare: Perfect fit for government & corporates in CSR initiatives with far-reaching social and environmental impact

Low Maintenance


Robust External Surface

High Ingress Protection

No Filter

No Water

No Chemical

No Solvent